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“Understanding how communication is changing will set a company up for success”


Lindsey Carnett is CEO and President in Marketing Maven Public Relations, headquartered in Los Angeles. Featured in the Forbes Most Powerful Woman Business Leader issue, Carnett has taken her business expertise across America and enlightened marketing peers and those new to the industry about mobile marketing and positive online reputation. A collegiate athlete and officer in the American Marketing Association, Carnett received her B.A. degree in Spanish and Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. 

  1. Why is there such prevalence in the lack of communication and isolation during an age when there are multiple ways to communicate and a greater capacity to communicate? (Question from Enric Sierra, deputy director in
    Y2K started with the fear of crashing computers and loss of data. The irony in how far communication has come is in the oxymoron of its definition. What used to be the exchange of thoughts, messages and ideas through face-to-face interactions or speaking over the phone is now asking for communication to speak to one another instead of texting one another.  Although there are now more ways to communicate than ever, the forms of communication are what perpetuate isolation. Speaking over the phone is a thing of the past, as text messages have become the popular form of communication. Emails must call for approval for one person to call another and social media platforms are now the “free-for-all” forums of thought as the exchange of ideas has transformed from physical to digital.
  2. What element is most critical to project an image of success and be successful?
    Our physical persona must reflect the way we portray ourselves digitally. It’s as if each social media outlet is a representation of yourself. For example, if you represent yourself negatively via social media, a negative reputation of you personally will follow. Success comes from communicating your expertise and cementing your role as a thought leader in a variety of outlets, just as you would do on a day-to-day basis in your respective office space.
    The most critical element to projecting success and being successful is consistency. Being consistent with the way you educate your peers, prove your expertise, represent yourself as a professional and communicate as such will lead to success.
  3. What is the main component to providing and sustaining proper Communication Management?
    Proper Communication Management stems from being personable and understanding, while knowing the importance of your time and the time of others. Make others feel heard and understood—even if it’s through an online space. Creating a comfortable environment encourages thoughts to flow from one to another while exchanging ideas. The Marketing Maven office is anti-cubicle and we hold true to an open-door policy. Relieving others of their doubts and helping each other succeed is possible when the barriers of communication between each individual are taken down.
  4. Which company do you think properly connects and manages their relationship with the public? Why?
    Apple is known for “listening to their customers”.  They understand that their customers are the backbone of their success so instead of listening to them on a monthly basis it is better to listen to them on a daily basis.  Customer feedback is valued and taken into account as new products are launched every year.
  5. Is there a question about communication for which you have yet to find an answer?
    I don’t have the answer to the question: “Where do you see communication going within the next ten years?” Predicting the future with communication can be hard, mainly because technology is redefining itself at an exponential rate. Understanding how communication is changing in the short-term will set a company up for success and successful branding.

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  1. You will have to consider several aspects at the time of delivery of information. When you have the group spread over different parts of the world, you should select a correct medium for delivery as well as receipt of communication. You will be able to evolve possible solutions with the help of Internet and email. Face obstacles in all seriousness and consider proper remedies for each of them. You will be definitely successful in providing efficient communication system to your project.

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